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About Us

Established in 2000, Grapevine Staffing began as a firm with a mission to bring talent back to the Midwest serving manufacturers. Since then, we have emerged into a full-service, nation-wide recruiting firm handling large Fortune 200 & 500 organizations. Our top clients include some of the world’s leading Life Science, Material Handling, Appliance and Industrial Automation companies. Our success stories revolve around our ability to know our client’s culture and years of building relationships with leaders in the industry space.

Grapevine Staffing is an executive search firm. We provide services throughout North America and offer global recruiting services for our existing global clients to include Europe, Mexico, and South America.

Grapevine has a long-standing, solid pipeline of candidates. Through years of experience, industry focus and international and US trade show attendance, we have built an exceptional network. We have gained in-depth product knowledge and insightful industry trends, making Grapevine the leader in placing top talent in niche markets. We customize and carve out our services to each client's unique culture and specific needs. We are involved in learning the company's overall philosophy, markets, competitor products, along with short term and long-term strategy plans. We become more than a recruiter, we become a partner.